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An inspiring menu

An inspiring menu featuring a great selection of french bistro gems with a South of France touch, like Gratinated Onion Soup, Escargots or Gratinated Mussels" Provencal " style , Filet Mignon Pepper sauce served with crispy french fries, delicious Steak Tartare, Grilled or Baked fresh Fishes.


Vive la France! in Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Whether you have memories of Paris or not, La Cigale will get you "In the Mood."

With amber coziness and the evolved improvisations of the nightly french music, La Cigale delivers "We'll always have Paris or Marseille" ambiance and sophisticated dishes aimed to please.

Whether you're stopping in for a glass of red or settling in for a romantic meal, La Cigale French Bistro hits the spot.

Join us for a little piece of the present, and a little piece of the past!